Don’t fall for the AI fear mongering… it’s just another tool

Hey there, fellow humans! Let’s talk about AI – that thing that’s supposed to be taking over the world and enslaving us all. Or is it?

Sure, AI has come a long way, and it does have a better vocabulary this time around. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. The current generation of “AI” is about as intelligent as a rock. It doesn’t think, it doesn’t remember anything, and it definitely doesn’t have a personality (unless you count those weird chatbots that try to flirt with you).

So why all the fear-mongering around AI and its supposed potential dangers? Well, my friends, it’s all just more propaganda from what I see. The people in power want you to be scared of AI so they can consolidate more control over you. It’s like that scene in The Wizard of Oz where the little man behind the curtain is pulling all the levers and making everything seem more impressive than it really is.  And don’t even get me started on the issue of AI creating “disinformation.” That’s just a smokescreen to distract you from the real problem: the people in power not wanting you to share your own opinions or thoughts. They want to control the narrative, and AI is just another tool they can use to do it.

But let’s take a closer look at how AI actually works now that I have been able to look under the hood. When you ask a language model a question, you’re not really asking a language model a question. What you’re doing is prompting a whole bunch of different models to analyze your input, classify it, and use that information to construct a new prompt that’s fed into a language model to generate more text. And then that text gets analyzed and altered some more, and so on and so forth.  It’s a complicated process, and it’s responsible for both the high quality of the answers and the main source of bias and censorship within these systems. But at the end of the day, all the AI is doing is deciding what the next word in the sequence should be. It doesn’t know what a question is, or what a cat or a dog is. It’s just generating text based on patterns it’s been trained on.

So, is AI something we should be scared of? Not really. It’s just another tool, like a hammer or a screwdriver. And like any tool, it’s only as good as the person using it. Whether the text is generated by a person or a language model, it’s just words anyway. You’re the one who’s responsible for using or sharing that text.

So don’t fall for the smoke and mirrors.  AI isn’t some evil force that’s out to get you. It’s just a tool that can be used for good or for bad and you really just need to use your common sense on the different versions as they can have bias programmed into it just the same as what news channel you watch.   At itXdrive, we’re working on Alt-Tech solutions without limits or forced ideology. We’re exploring different language models for a text generating AI, and I am excited to see where this technology takes us.



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