Don’t waste time!

Let’s not waste time

Kind of like the twilight zone, It feels as if something hit the big pause button and brought our worlds to a screeching halt. This virus situation has stopped everything and everyone; our jobs, kids, schools…. but also the over scheduling, traveling, busyness and what can sometimes seem like a fast pace race to really… nowhere. For now, time has slowed down. However, an act of nature or of God, we are in this moment of time.

Let’s not live in fear nor simply zone out sleeping late or by watching hours of movies/shows or any other ways of just burning the time for the next few months… Now please don’t hear me wrong… with all the humor that’s come out lately I’m so guilty of spending a good part of my recent days/weeks contributing to and laughing at it all. I believe it’s healthy … and even positive way of coping with sudden stress that has hit the world. But maybe this is as a rare chance allowing us to hit the “reset button” during this new found time we have?

As everyone is now feeling a bit disoriented with this new isolation perhaps use it to hone a new skill. For those who have not done group meetings virtually before… try it…there are free solutions like Google duo and its not so hard. When we come out the other side of this… “and we will”… you will have an entirely new efficiency or trade to offer the world. By video or safe distance if necessary, find quality time for family and friends . While the entire planet is rotating slower we can take advantage of this time to be with our most important ones like never before. Definitely don’t waste this time. We can focus on our health by eating better, exercising or just differently than the usual gym we’ve been forced away from. Maybe take an online class that so many are now offering, find a good book and or simply do some well deserved meditation. We can use this time to de-clutter, get organized and in the best shape of our lives. “Yes please”..

… there’s a lot of negative news but also a ton of good things happening out there… let’s share and stay on the look for opportunities to support our country, community and each other. Take a jog or walk… pick up trash, help people in need, make a call to those who are lonely and be solid for those that may be in a time of illness or weakness. Speaking for myself here…. I’m not at all, ignoring the real crisis and challenge facing us all in any way…the world is absolutely hurting, but I don’t believe this is our doomsday nor did the good Lord above send this global virus enemy at any of us… I believe he “uses time” like this for getting us to pay attention to what is going on all around us. It’s an opportunity to get our act together and simply become… better people. We will absolutely get thru this!…


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