Most wins are by small margin

Have you ever watched the finish of a NASCAR race on television?– where after 500 miles of intense racing the winning margin was only three to four feet.  That is a small margin of victory. 

Have you ever thought about all the different sports events, no matter how long they are, the winning margin is very small.  No matter if it is a 100yard dash or a marathon.  There are many other examples of this in sports. 

However, life is very similar.  Our everyday challenge to succeed in whatever we do… There are so many other similar examples in sports events–most wins are by small margins.  The same is true in the much more important game of life. In our everyday battle to succeed in whatever we do… most wins are by small margins. 

My hope is that you are overpowering your opposition by lopsided margins, but that is unlikely or unlikely to last. The reality is–much of the time we find ourselves somewhere in the middle of the pack.  The good news is that relatively small increases in performance can dramatically improve the results in those areas of life that we deem important. A few small improvements, a little more creativity, a little better attitude, a little better organization, a little more effort…and you start winning those important decisions. 

The margin of victory is often small, but the payoff for winning is always BIG. You can start winning life’s important battles more often.  The first step is the realization that it is not nearly as far to the front as you thought and that most wins are by small margins! 

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