“Resilience… it’s the ultimate virtue”

Being resilient is the ultimate virtue. It means that you possess not only talent and skill, but also the ability to use those talents and skills under pressure. It means that you can consistently perform, no matter the situation, and you will never give up on your spirit. When life throws challenges your way, you stand strong, you don’t falter and when others are looking for a place to hide, you raise your hand and ask for the responsibility.

People can rely on you, trust in you, and know that you will not emotionally back down when things get tough. You can handle stress, you face it head-on and even thrive under it. You have a deep capacity to keep fighting until a solution is found, and you can withstand great force, mentally, physically, and emotionally. You don’t become defensive, rigid, or inflexible when the pressure is on, instead, you stay grounded, connected, and engaged.

You are fully present in the moment and all your energy is focused on achieving the goal. And perhaps most importantly, you can handle setbacks, you recover quickly from failure, learn from your mistakes and come back even stronger. The ability to bounce back from adversity is what makes a person truly remarkable. So, embrace the storms of life and business, and let them make you stronger, more resilient and more determined to succeed.


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